Holisis is a journey into a physical book in a virtual reality.
Juxtaposing common perceptions and associations of beauty and decay, Holisis offers the viewer the concept of eternal interdependency within nature as a whole.
Emphasizing the diversity of nature, the work allows the viewer to investigate the commonly ignored and unseen organisms and creatures as necessary part of the interconnected ecosystem.

In the interactive web version, the idea of circuition and decay is transmitted through an erasing effect which leads you through the book. This allows everyone to find their path through my work, leaving individual traces behind.

“Holisis” is a one-of-a-kind-book of color photographs, scans, and collages. Every organism in the life-cycle is irreplaceable and creates a delicate balance that needs to be maintained. In exploring the biological life-cycle, some pages are self-made and may contain germinated seeds that will grow and die.
I recycle my own pictures, make paper out of them, or allow them to them to decay or dissolve in the river. Some items will break or fall out.
As a result, the book will be different every time it is read.